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A young woman trapped in darkness faces a choice--a chance for love or the freedom of light?

Stella lives in Noctum, land of eternal night. In Noctum, the stars shine so bright it feels like you can pluck them from the sky, festivals are held for each special moon, and the Northern Lights are worshipped every wintertide. But the darkness hides many sins. Draven, Noctum’s ruthless immortal king, rules behind the protective walls of Caligo. While, outside in Darkwood, Stella and the other forest dwellers live in terror of foul creatures called the Shade.

Life in Darkwood is brutal and brief. When her brother, a soldier in the Shadow Guard, is killed, Stella’s hope wanes as the dangers that surround her close in. But stars shine brightest in the deepest dark, and when she witnesses one falling into the black heart of Darkwood, hope arrives in the unlikeliest manner. A stranger named Luc appears speaking of strange, impossible things—of a golden disc called the sun, of lands drenched in light with vivid blue skies, and perhaps most startling of all, he claims that Noctum is under a curse that he has come to lift. To banish the darkness that covers the land, all he has to do is kill Draven.

But curses are never easily broken and complications soon arise. Stella finds herself faced with an impossible choice. 

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Lethal and lovely. Beneath her hood, Cara conceals a face no man is likely to forget. But that’s not all she hides. No one would ever guess that a farmer’s daughter could wield a weapon with deadly skill.

Secrets and lies. For years, Cara has been surrounded by both. Lies told by her father. Secrets kept by her mother. Not to mention those she keeps to herself. Having lived her entire life on the run from an unknown enemy, they all catch up to her, driving her into Drakken Forest.

Ancient and magical. Drakken is the mysterious forest all men dread.  When Cara flees there, desperate for escape, she encounters wonders and horrors she never imagined existed. But that’s not all she discovers. Aided by the elusive gypsies who protect Drakken’s ancient magic, it is there that she uncovers the truth about who she really is and where her destiny lies. Will she stay to fulfill it? Or will the dangers prove too great to remain?

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